Carla Denise Sharbono, M.D.

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image063Carla Denise Sharbono is a retired medical doctor who has renewed her interest in writing and teaching.  She specializes in writing about subjects related to medicine, nutrition, health as well as safe and effective means of weight loss.

After more than 20 years as a practicing family physician, she has retired to the Mountain Home area of Arkansas to begin a “physician guided weight loss program” that focuses on good nutrition and healthy life style changes that will be beneficial in not only correcting health problems but will also help individuals achieve their ideal weight, a healthier life style and prevent many of today’s age-related metabolic medical diseases.

For example, it is well documented that being over-weight as well as eating to many empty high caloric simple carbohydrates (i.e., sweet tasting snacks and soda drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup as well as artificial nonnutritive sweeteners) is the number one cause of diabetes, heart disease and/or hypertension which is now known as the “metabolic syndrome”.  And this syndrome is becoming pandemic in America; mainly due to life styles that involve eating too many sweets (simple carbohydrates) and participating less in physical activity.  It has now recognized that eating nutritious foods and maintaining a healthy weight is at the top of the list for preventing or correcting many of these modern day metabolic medical problems.

Born in Billings, Montana, Carla Denise graduated in 1965 from the Huntley Project High School in Worden, Montana.  She then joined the U.S. Marine Corps and served from 1965 – 1968.  After finishing her military obligation she used the GI Bill to obtain a college education.  She received her BS degree in Health and Physical Education with a minor in Chemistry and Biology and began teaching in 1971.  She taught school for 7 years in Louisiana.  However, when one of her students was accepted into medical school, she realized she could also become a medical doctor.  She enjoyed teaching but wanted to help people, one-on-one, with the knowledge she had gained.  As a classroom teacher and with class sizes of 24 to 30 students; she felt she was more of a disciplinarian than a teacher.

After obtaining her M.D. degree in 1986 from Louisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport, LA, she went on in 1988 to receive her Arkansas medical license. She then moved to Arkansas where she began her medical practice in rural Arkansas, between Dover and Witt Springs.  She also worked as an Emergency Room Physician in various small hospitals throughout northern Arkansas from 1995 to 2003.  In 1998 she moved her medical practice to the Salem, Horseshoe Bend and Cherokee Village area of Arkansas where she not only kept clinic hours but also continued to work in the Salem and Cherokee Village Hospitals as one of their ER physicians.  She also delivered babies at the Salem hospital from 1998 until 2002.  This was during the (time) when rural hospitals could obtain malpractice insurance for family physicians doing obstetrics as well as a time that family physicians could afford malpractice in obstetrics.

Her mission still remains “to serve others” by teaching or instructing them on how they can become a healthier individual by using natural (food) nutrients.  She believes good nutrition and a healthy weight are at the core of achieving this goal for all individuals.  By achieving a healthy weight and eating healthy (food) nutrients, (avoiding sugar, nonnutritive artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated oils or trans-fats, i.e., margarine and shortening and processed foods made with these “trans-fats”), she believes individuals can prevent, treat and even cure many of their own health problems.   For example, stress management and poor nutritional eating are known to be risk factors that contribute to arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease due to high cholesterol/high triglyceride eye disease, anxiety, depression, acid reflux (GERD), neurological diseases and chronic pain issues, etc.  Knowledge, about good nutrition and safe and effective weight loss as well as how to handle stress, will be the center of focus at each encounter.

Dr. Sharbono is the proud and happy mother of 2 adult sons as well as a grandmother. She is also a proud Marine veteran and an active a member of Twin Lakes Marines and the Marine Corps League.  As a veteran of the Vietnam era she continues to help veterans, through diet, counseling and medication, who deal with post traumatic issues and depression, overcome some of the issues that hinder them from achieving a better quality of life.








Food Is Your Best Medicine